Saturday, October 3, 2009

While Off Track . . .

Boy, I haven't been on here for a long time. I have a lot to follow up on. I'll work on that over time, but for now, I'll just talk about the past 4 weeks, while the kids have been off track!

We have done quite a bit this past month. I worked the fair September 11 - 20th. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to going back. I worked in the Concession Settlement Office with a wonderful lady named Shelly. We had a lot of fun. Since I worked at the fair, the kids wanted to go a couple of times, so we did! We attended the Rodeo one night. It was so much fun. The kids had never been to a rodeo, so it was FUN.
Another day we went on a rainy afternoon, walked around, and Sami participated in the Ringling Brothers Funniest Kids Contest. Although she didn't win, she did pick our family up 5 free tickets to the Circus!
The third time we went, the kids wanted to rid all of the carnival rides. They had so much fun, it was like being at Lagoon!!!
During this time when I worked, the kids were able to spend time with their Aunt Lindsay (thanks Linds), attend the Kids Fun at Gene Fullmer, and play with cousins. It worked out great for all of us!

Because Sami got us tickets for the Circus, we attended it on Friday, September 25th. What a BLAST! It was great. So much fun for our entire family.

This past week, we've spent a lot of time together, more at home. We were able to get all the kids halloween costumes. Sami is going to be a vampire, Jaren the devil, and Justin a Joker. Holiday's are so much fun!
As a family, we also made cotton candy to sell. A friend of my cousin's has a machine that she rents out to us, and we decided while we had it we'd sell cotton candy and try to raise spending money for Disneyland. We've had a lot of fun selling this to the kids in the neighborhood!

On Thursday, October 1 we took a trip up to Layton. Monica Butcher and her family has moved back from Henderson Nevada, so we went to see their new house and to visit. We're going to miss the Henderson vacation, but we're so excited to have them here in Utah, closer than 8 hours away. We visited with them and then went to Classic Skating to play and eat lunch.

We were there till just after 5 pm, and as I was driving home realized there wasn't enough time to go home and come back to Centerville to watch the play Evita at Rogers Memorial Theater. Tara and Kiki are cast members in this play, so we went to watch. It was amazing! They did so good. I am glad we were able to support them.

Now it's conference weekend! I love this time of year. The weather is turning colder, the leaves are changing, soccer games are coming to an end. To me, the fall weather brings our family closer together. Although I enjoy the times we are out enjoying the sun, friends, and being busy, I enjoy the weather changing and bringing us into our home, therefore spending more time together.

I feel so blessed to be where I am today. I have a wonderful husband, 3 delightful children, a wonderful home to live in, family, friends, neighbors, and the gospel all around me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disney's The Jungle Book Kids

On Wed. May 20th, 2009, our 3 kids performed in their school Harmony Performance, Disney's The Jungle Book Kids. It was so much fun! They've really had a great time getting ready for this performance, and can't wait to do another one on Wed. May 27th!

Thank you to everyone who has come or is coming to watch them. They get so excited to share their talents with all of you!

Samantha performs as Kaa the snake (with 4 coils).

Jaren performs as the Baby Elephant. (He really is having fun)!!!!
Justin performs as one of the Monkeys.
Kiki (our adopted child!!!) is one of the Bees!

We are really looking forward to another GREAT performance. If I can figure out how to load the slideshow, I'll put more pictures on, and then, post the video as well as soon as we record it!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Samantha's Enchanted -- Up With Kids

Sami has been working all year long with the Up With Kids Peformers and had her performance on May 9th. She's had so much fun working with Mrs. Nancy, and all of the kids in her class.
They performed the play Enchanted, and Sami played the part of Beetlejuice, a mouse, and a bride! She was AMAZING!!! Way to go Sami!

Here she receives her "oscar" and a bouquet of flowers!!! We love you Sami!
Thank you Mrs. Nancy!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Vacation

Journaling still to come !!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines :)

Well, I started writing a post but decided that it wasn't the most "uplifting" one, so I chose not to post it over all. I started over, hoping to get more of a "positive" post written :)

Saturday was Valentines Day! Love is in the air --- right! It should be! Everyone should be happy, in love, and life should be fun!

I kind of had the attitude of "feel sorry for myself," because of all that was going on, but looking back tonight, I am grateful for my family and for the great weekend that it was!

Hubby and I started our Valentines on Friday night. I have been craving Rubio's for dinner for quite sime time now, so he took me there. It was nice because we weren't able to get out of the house until after 7:00 pm, and the movie we wanted to go to started at 8:00. I didn't think there was any way we were going to be able to make it and eat, and get there on time, but .... to our surprise, Rubio's wasn't as busy as we thought it would be. We got in, ordered, ate, and had time to get to our movie! We actually got to sit and enjoy each other and eat Yummy food for about 40 min.!!!
After dinner, we took off to the movie theaters and went and saw "Taken." What a GREAT movie! Perfect date night out! We got home and the kids had behaved :) and then we sat and watched a movie with all of them.
Saturday morning, the kids got up early. They were excited to see what the Valentine Cupid had brought them :) (They know the cupid is mom and dad)!!! So dad got up with them and passed out their Valentines. Sami got the movie 13 going on 30, and a palatypus webkinz; Jaren got $5 and a dragon webkinz; and Justin got a puppy webkinz and a fishy lilkinz! They were all so excited.
Jaren had made Valentines for Daddy and I, and Justin gave us his giant Valentine Heart Envelope he made in Kindergarten to carry his Valentines in :) Sami made us breakfast in bed! Yummy waffles and pop tarts :) It was so sweet!
The rest of the day was kind of -- just another busy day. Clean this and that up, play with friends, play on the computer, spend time at the hospital, work on sharing time/baptism stuff, and watch movies. :)
Like I said. I was glad that we celebrated Friday night, since our Sat. got turned up side down and I'm really excited for Feb. 27th, Mark and I get to go do a refresher class on Scuba Diving!!!
Hope you all had a Great Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Okay, so here's my excuse for not keeping up with my blog . . . I've been using all my spare time to figure out this coupon business.

Thought I'd share some of my "good buys" with you all :)
This was a couple weeks ago, at K-Mart. They were having a double your coupon, up to 25 coupons. I got all of this for around $30.00, saving about $70.00. I know the toothpaste was free, and the trail mix bars were free. I paid $.49 cents for the razors, $.49 cents for the Halls, and $.49 cents for the Max Factor Lipstick. EVERYTHING on this table was on SALE and bought with a double off coupon.

Albertson's is having a Double Your Coupon (up to 4 coupons) week. So . . .

Dixie napkins, 200 count, are on sale for $1.99. If you have the coupon, it's $1.00 off, plus double, so you get them FREE. That's right FREE!
Kids Loreal Shampoo/Conditioner is $1.99 If you have the coupon, it's $ .75 off, plus double, so you get it for $ .49 cents.
I paid only $1.53 for 2-200 packs of napkins, and 2 kid loreal shampoo's. (A $13.18 savings)

Poptarts are $2.50 for the 12 count. If you have the coupon, it's $ .50 off, plus double, so you pay $1.50 for each of them.
Dannon Fusion Yogurt Shakes are 5 for $5.00, then you get Dannon La Creme (4 count) Free. You use your $1.00 coupon and you get 5 shakes and the Dannon La Creme for $3.00
I bought 8 poptarts (12 count), 2-200 packs of napkins, 10 Yogurt Shakes, and 2-4count La Creme Yogurts for $18.92. (A $36.80 savings)

Chinet paper plates are $2.50 each (2 for $5), the big plates 25 count, and the little plates 35 count. With the $1.00 off coupon, plus double, you pay only $ .50 cents for each of them.
Malt-o-meal cereal was 3 for $7.00, plus an instant $4.50 off when you buy a milk ($2.39).
I paid only $13.62 for those 9 items. (2 big plates, 2 small plates, milk, 3 cereal) (A $21.62 savings)

This is all I've gotten so far, but if you look at their add, there are SEVERAL things you can get.
You can end up paying $ .30 cents for 15 count Totino Pizza Pockets. Also you can pay like $1.50 for a Macaroni Grill Dinner kit (buy 2, and get $2.00 off of chicken).
Several great deals out there. I am loving ever minute of it! My kids still aren't out of cereal from the last big trip I did (getting cereal for $ .47 cents a box).
Smiths also had a great deals! I just learned that you can download certain coupons onto your Smiths Values Card, which then, if you have another coupon, it could be double.
They're having a buy 10 certain items, and get $3.00 off instantly. That's saving $.30 cents on each item. I bought 20 items and paid $17.00. I saved $21.00.
That was buying 8 boxes of Ritz Crackers, 6 Banquet Dinners, 4 cans of Ravioli, and 2 boxes of Cherrios. (I paid only $ .19 cents for each box of cereal; only $1.38 for each box of Ritz Crackers).
So there you have it. It does take some time to clip the coupons, to look through the ads, etc. But ... with everyone doing it, we all have a GREAT support group, and everyone helps everyone know about and learn all the great deals.
You should try it! I dare you!!! E-mail me if you're interested or have any questions :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Time No Write!!!

Man, it's been a long time since I've actually taken the time to sit and blog! December was such a busy month! The kids were off track, had vinyl orders galore, and it was just very busy with family, friends, and celebrations! We had a Very Merry Christmas. It seemed almost perfect! The kids had such a fun Christmas, and got EVERYTHING they wanted!
This year, it started snowing on Christmas Eve, and snowed ALL night long, and ALL day long. We woke up to about a foot of snow. Sami actually woke up at 6:00 am. We tried to push her back to a later time, but she had the boys up and awake by 6:30 am. I got up and checked the rolls and sticky buns, an they were ready to cook! At 7:00 am, the kids finally got mom and dad out of bed, and ready to do the Christmas thing. It was fun! We finished up about 7:45 am, and I was tired! Justin had gotten "The Spiderwick Chronicles" in his stocking, so we put it on, while the kids digested all of their new things.
At about 8:30 am, the power went out! It was still kind of dark, so the boys couldn't build their lego's. The movie of course turned off, and playing the wii was out of the question (which is mostly what the boys got for Christmas)! Sami got an IM-Me, which also has to be run by the computer/internet, and it wouldn't work. All three of the kids got Webkinz, and, of course, another thing run by the internet/computer, so .... WHAT WERE WE GOING TO DO? We all sat together, listened to my new soundtrack - Mama Mia, and played their new Guess Who, and Domino's. It was nice. It only lasted for an hour, (which I was glad - it was kind of getting cold), and then the power came back on. We continued on with our Christmas Fun, enjoying all of our new things.
At 3:00 (after we DUG our way out of the driveway -- about 15 inches of snow), we headed down to Grandma and Grandpa Lane's house. We stayed there for a couple hours, ate yummy ham, potato's, rolls, etc., visited with family, and of course, opened Christmas!
Sami stayed at Grandma's house, and the boys and I played Mario Kart on the Wii. They all kicked my butt. Then Mark and I watched Mama Mia that night as we went to bed. Perfect!
For New years we had Scott and Heidi, Natalie and Rob and all the kids over. We played games, talked, ate, and had a fun time! At 12:00, we did poppers, silly string, and fireworks! Yeah! We certainly helped bring in the New Year!
Now it's the middle of January, and I can't believe it. Time goes by too fast!
Tonight we celebrated Grandma Lane and Great Grandpa Lane's birthdays.
I cooked dinner and invited them and the family to dinner. We had a really good time. Jared and Lindsay came, Grandma and Great Grandpa came, and then the kids and I were here! Mark is working up at the Sundance Screenings, Grandpa Lane was working, and Scott and Marla, and Jeff and Elise had other plans. We missed them all, but still celebrated strong!!!!
Well, that's the most up to date I can get! Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Couple Fun Give Aways!!! Enter and Win!

Just wanted to make you aware of a couple fun "give away's" going on.

1. A fun 7 days of giving hair accessories give away (and GREAT hair do's)
2. She's not quite sure what she's giving away but does promise it will be something fun, worth signing up for!

Just go to these sites, and leave a comment! Share a Christmas story, or a family tradition.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Feliz Navi Dad

Well, you should all be familiar with the Christmas Song, "Feliz Navi Dad." Are you all singing it in your head now as you read on ? So, the other day, Justin came home with a school project. He had been given a white piece of paper, with a snowman outline on it, and told to create a snowman. He could color it, cut it, add buttons, cottonballs, bells, or what ever he wished to do to it, and then turn it in. After careful consideration, he had decided what he wanted to do to make this snowman unique, and got to work.
When he completed his masterpiece, he informed me he now had to write something about his snowman. After telling me several times what he was going to name the snowman, I understood the snowman's name would be "Feliz Navi Dad." So, we started writing. The top of the paper said "My Snowman ....." I told him we'd then write "is named ...." It took a couple of times of explaining to him why we weren't just writing the snowman's name, that we needed to make a sentance --- "My Snowman is named ....." When I started tell him to write the name, spelling it out F E L, he interrupted me and was quite upset, telling me it started with a "P" and not an "F." I was confused. I told him I thought we were spelling "Feliz." He said "yes, mom we are. P, P, P Police Mommy Dot!"
I looked at him with a shocked look on my face, and said "Police Mommy Dot?" He said, "yes, you know, like that Christmas Song .... 'Police Mommy Dot ....... Police Mommy Dot." (Singing in the tune of "Feliz Navi Dad.")
I laughed so hard, and couldn't believe my ears! He is sure, even to this day, that he is singing it right, and doesn't want to be told any different!
--I love you Justin!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Decor UP!

Okay Emma, look! Here are some of the pictures of the Christmas decorations I've got up. I forgot to take pictures of all the snowmen above my cabinets, the snowmen in my bathroom, and the snowmen out on the porch. Maybe I'll get those pictures taken soon. Here are my favorite rooms decorated Christmassy though :).

Samantha's 10th Birthday!

For Sami's b-day this year, we decided to SURPRISE her! She's asked me before when I'd ever do a "surprise" birthday for her and I tell her "it won't be a surprise if you know." So, in planning her big "double digits" party, that she just HAD to have, we told her it would be a week later than we were planning. We let her invite who she wanted, and she told us what she wanted, and we planned around that.

I created these darling b-day invitations, and because she kept changing her mind on who should come and what she wanted to do, it was too late to send them out. I had to make phone calls last minute! But it all worked out.

We planned a surprise birthday party for her (and she was surprised)! She wanted her 3 Lane aunts, and her friend MaKayla and cousin Brielle at her party. Everyone was able to come. We all sat down and ate a Spaghetti Dinner (her favorite), on the china, and then the girls had pedicures and manicures (given by Sami's Aunts)!!! Everyone seemed to have a GREAT time, and Sami got more than she bargained for! Thanks everyone for helping us pull it off!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Holiday's

Can you believe it's time for Christmas? Man time goes by so fast! Yesterday was such a great day. We spent the morning hanging out and watching the Thanksgiving Parade, and then after noon, took off to the Barton's to have Thanksgiving dinner. It was so yummy, and so fun to be with the entire family. The kids are always so excited to be with their cousins! After a few hours there we took off and went over to mom and dad Lane's. Grandpa Joe was there, and we had a great time visiting, and eating more PIE! YUM! I love Thanksgiving. Just a great time to be with family and reflect on everything we're thankful for.
Today I spent the entire day cleaning house and decorating for CHRISTMAS! Yes! Decorating the house. I got the tree up, all of the snowmen out, and put the lighted snowflakes in the windows. Yay! I love this time of year! Happy Holidays! May your Holiday's be Merry and Bright!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Baby Girls almost 10 --- and life is too busy!

10 years ago, I was about to deliver a beautiful baby girl. I can't believe that was 10 years ago. My how time flys. Today, I am planning a "surprise" birthday party for Sami. She wanted a birthday party with 2 of her friends and 3 of her aunts. She wanted to play misc. games at the house, and then go to Rubio's for dinner, and go get nails done. She has it all planned out in her head, and knows exactly how she wants it done. A couple weeks ago, she asked me if I was ever going to give her a "surprise" party. I told her it wouldn't ever be a surprise if I told her about it! So, that got me thinking, and I decided that's exactly what I'd do. So, I got a hold of her friends and her aunts, and planned this. We aren't exactly going to go to Rubio's or go get our nails done, but close! I've decorated the basement (cause our renters moved out) and we're going to have a spaghetti dinner on the china, and then we'll play Bingo, and some games, and then the aunts and I are going to give manicures/pedicures, do make up, and just have fun! She has no idea that it's coming, which will make it more fun! Mark and the boys are going to "serve" the girls dinner, and hang out with us. I really think it's going to be fun.

Tonight she is having Brielle sleep over, and they went and got her hair done. She wanted it highlighted and cut short again. It's soooooo cute! She's blonde, and it's short/spiky again (not that it had really gotten long). Tisa actually talked her into having bangs again. No more long bangs! She really looks cute -- different.. It'll take me a couple days to get used to a blond daughter!

Thanksgiving is next week, and I'm excited. I love Thanksgiving dinner! I love this time of year for the fact that I can sit back and look at all the things I am thankful for. Other than preparing Sharing Times this month, I haven't taken the time to sit and think of the things in my life that I'm thankful for, so I'm going to take this opportunity to do it.

Family. This is the first thing that always comes to my mind when thinking of things I'm thankful for. I love my family. I have a wonderful husband who loves and supports me, and our family. He works hard every day to give us the things we want and need. My kids are so wonderful, Heavenly Father truly blessed me with the GREATEST. My extended family is too good for words. Some people would not thing it's lucky to have all their family close at hand, but we are that lucky. All of our extended family lives right here in the same state as us. Right here in the same valley for the most part. Our furthes relative being about an hour away.

The Gospel. Where would I be today with out the Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in my life? I am so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I'm grateful for prayer, for the opportunity to talk to a loving Father who cares and watches over me. I'm grateful for my ward family. For the friendships I have made in this area we live in. What would I ever do with out the support of the gospel and our ward members and their love and support towards me and my family.

Friends. I love friends! Mark sometimes thinks that's all I thrive on. I am so lucky to have as many good friends as I have. A large variety of friends, I LOVE them all! I am all about having a good time though, and my friends are always right there beside me egging me on to plan another "fun time."

My mom said the other day I write like I talk -- like a whirlwind. This I know. I told her she wasn't the first person that had told me that either, and I'm sure she won't be the last.

I am aware that all of this is mumble jumbled, but .... if I don't write what I'm thinking, when I'm thinking, it won't get written. So .... thanks for bearing with me.

I haven't had a lot of time lately to sit and read through all of your blogs, but I took the time tonight to go through some of your blogs, and in reading them, thought "man, I have got to get better at journaling." So .... here I begin.

Life is too short to not live it up, and live it up is what we do! We're always sooo busy. So busy at times I don't take the time to be thankful for what I have. I just live each moment to each moment. I hope I can get better to sit and slow down a little, and be truly thankful for everything that is a part of my life.

As for now, it's late, and I have to get up early, and have a BUSY day ahead of me. So, another day, I'll share my thoughts again :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Make Enough of Me

I've meant to post this for quite some time now, but ..... haven't had time! It's great. I bought this Julie de Azevedo CD a couple weeks ago, and fell in love with this song. After listening to it over and over and over again, my kids and I have memorized it! Sami says this song had to be written about me cause it's just like me! I'm sure a lot of you will feel it fits you perfectly. If you have a chance to buy it, or listen to it, it's beautiful. The entire CD is awesome. The CD is titled HOME.

Make Enough of Me

Overwhelmed and underpaid
Morning comes too soon
Running late, and on my plate
A million things to do
Got a baby cryin'
Another trying to find the other shoe
When I open my eyes
The Dam will break
Their need will flood my room

You made wine from water
And raised up Jarius' daughter
From her bed, From her bed
Filled the empty fishing nets
And with some loaves and fishes fed
A hungry crowd, A hungry crowd
Make enough of me to go around

My mother's sick
And I'm late
To pick up kids at school
I need to clean
Can't fit in my jeans
The fridge gives no comfort food

You made wine from water
Raised up Jarius' daugher
From her bed, From the dead
Filled the empty fishing nets
And with some loaves and fishes
Fed a hungry crowd, I hunger now
Make enough of me to go around

Multiply and magnify
This tiny little life of mine
enlarge me and expand this heart
And fill it with divine.
My heart is cold
Nothing grows, but thistles and some thorns
They choke the light
and shrink the vine
I need to be reborn.

You made wine from water
And told a scarlet daughter
Sin no more, Sin no more
Surrenderede to the garden
Through thorns and nails you pardoned
The angry crowd, The angry crowd
Make enough of me to go around
Make enough of me to go around.

Hope all of you have a FABULOUS day today! Love you all.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Time Flys When You're Having Fun!

I can't believe it's almost been a month since I've last blogged. I haven't even been on to follow anyone else's blog. Aaahhhhhhh! (that's a scream). I've thought about it a hundred times, just been so busy haven't been able to do it.

Last month was quite a busy one. Jaren turned 8 years old on Oct. 30th, and was baptized 2 days later. It was such a special day. I feel like, looking back, I spent the entire month getting ready. I made soups and froze them, made cookies, and froze them, and also the salsa I made, we froze. It all worked out perfect though!

Jaren wanted a "suit" for his baptism, one like daddy's. I looked everywhere. He's so tiny, it was hard to find one that fit. They're some what seasonal for younger boys too, so ..... that was an adventure. But we finally found one, and boy does he look sharp in it. He is so handsome.

Aren't these cute pictures! We added his blessing picture, a 4 year old picture, and then him, the cute young man that he is!

On his birthday, Justin and I went and bought McDonalds and took it to the school and sat and ate lunch with him. He was excited that we showed up and all of his friends were jealous he got to eat McDonalds Nuggets.

Grandma came out just before school ended and brought 26 knitted hats for his classmates. Then she sat and read the class a story she had written about Wisteria! It was GREAT! All of the kids loved the hats. Doesn't she look FABULOUS! Thanks Grandma!

Later than night Jaren got to go to dinner with Mom and Dad, and then headed to the Stake Center for his baptisimal clothing. Boy that got him excited!

The next day was HALLOWEEN! Talk about busy! The school parade started at 9:30 am, then Justin and I helped in Sami's class party, and then I helped in Justin's class for his party!

This year Sami was a Corpse Bride, Jaren was a Bionicle, and Justin was a Clone! So much fun!

We did the yearly trip to Grandma Lane's office and scored big time on the candy! It's always so much fun to go there! After all of that, we came home and still had to do the Trunk or Treat! I love this tradition we do with our ward and hope it continues for ever!

The next day Jaren got baptized! I can't believe it. We sure had a nice day. It started at 12:00 at the Stake Center. He and Kiki got baptized together. Grandma Connie gave the talk on Baptism, and Aunt Carolyn gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was so personal and nice having just the family and friends there of Kiki and Jaren.

Aren't they cute! They're quite the little buddies (most of the time) and think it's pretty special to be cousins sharing birthdays so close together, and being able to share this special day together.

After the baptism family and friends gathered at our house for a luncheon. Was such a nice day.

We had a party for Jaren on November 4th. I tried to talk him out of having a party this year but it didn't work! We had Sami, Justin, Kiki, Joshua Wright, Samuel, Braeden, Mason and Jaren all at the party. (Dylan and Hadley didn't show). We ate pizza and opened presents at the house, and then took off to Jumpin Jacks. It's a new bouncin' place out here by us and it was fun! They spent 2 full hours bouncing and still hadn't had enough when it was time to go.

Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you!

Now, life is still just as busy as it was then, I'm still going in a thousand directions. I held a Girls Time Out Craft night last Friday night, and we really had a GREAT time. We all got together, worked on vinyl projects (and scrapbooks), ate tons of junk food, laughed, and had FUN. It was a nice "time out" for me.

Now, this next weekend and the next, I'm going to do boutiques! Sounds fun? I think so, but man, I don't know how people do it regularly. It is a lot of time and preparation to get ready for one of these! We'll see how it goes. The address is on my Vinyl blog, so go check it out and come on over if you'd like. The proceeds go towards the UDA dance competition girls.

Well, it's late and I'm tired. I have wanted to update and journal for a while now, I'm sure I've forgotten tons of important things since it's been a month. That makes me sad. But .... I've got some of the more important things. I'll try to be better. :)